Farm Manager

About the Role

With over 10, 000 acres of rice farmland available with systematic flood irrigation, this position is
responsible for overseeing all processes in rice production, from planting to harvesting. The ideal
candidate will direct and coordinate worker activities, such as land preparation, sowing, transplanting,
irrigation, chemical and fertilizer application, harvesting, grading and recordkeeping.


• Coordinates growing activities with those of engineering, equipment maintenance, storage and distribution departments

• Analyzes market conditions to determine acreage allocations

• Records information, such as production, farm management practices and prepares financial and operational reports on the farm.

• Determines procedural changes in drying, grading, storage, and distribution for greater efficiency and accuracy.

• Analyzes soil to determine type and quantity of fertilizer required for maximum production.

• Inspects equipment to ensure proper functioning.

• Inspects fields to determine maturity dates of crops or to estimate potential crop damage from weather.

• Advise on purchases of machinery, equipment, and supplies, such as tractors, seed, fertilizer,
and chemicals.

• Hires, discharges, transfers, and promotes farm hands

• Enforces safety regulations, and interprets policies

• Draw up a budget for expenses and compare periodically and take corrective actions

• Undertake general management of non-production related matters of the farm like cleanliness,
and organization.

• Explore and discuss ways to improve efficiency in all operations

• Should be responsible for maintaining relationship with various stakeholders in the community the farm is located. 

• Ensuring compliance with government regulations and health and safety standards • Responsible for all farm staff training and supervision. 

• Responsible for day-to-day farm operational decisions.


• Bachelor’s degree or HND in an agricultural, horticultural, land or animal-related subject.

• At least 5 years’ experience in large scale rice farm management.

• Proven ability of lowering cost of production without lowering yield expectations thus increasing profit.

• Ability to manage, train and develop other field officers in achieving projected targets on yield.

• Proven experience in production costs and stock control.

• Excellent Organization and Leadership skills.

• Teamwork and team building skills.

How to Apply

To apply for this role, send your CV and cover letter to [email protected]